Journey of a Tiny Orphan Cow Kitty

A tiny cow kitten came to Matt Mets when she was still a baby. She was rescued by the Valley Cats in Phoenix, Arizona. Before her eyes were even opened, she was already a bundle of energy for being such a young creature according to Matt.

They named her Robochan. She grew from a teeny furball into a gorgeous kitty with a lot of fluff in her ears.

Still a baby, she was already a bundle of energy

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My cat Salvador fell from the 4th floor window

My cat Salvador fell from the 4th floor window

I have always been so careful with open windows… I usually let my cat Salvador walk around on the roof (on the opposite side of the building – the roof is flat there), without any problems but yesterday in the early evening he was suddenly missing. Continue reading

Like father like son (17 great cats pictures)

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Stevie Wonder the Blind Piano-playing Cat

A blind cat has developed a passion for playing the piano. They named him Stevie Wonder who is in foster care through Wood Green Animal Shelter in Godmanchester Cambridgeshire.

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Five Little Furry Purrers

This brood of five very fuzzy foster kitties love to get sleepy, stretch, and settle down for a nap together. Meet the Furman five! “Even though there’s a great deal of diversity in this group, they still look like a little family, don’t they?” wrote Laurie C. on her blog Itty Bitty Kitty Committee.cute itty bitty foster kittens

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Tucker the Cat Helps His Dad Propose

Becka woke up to her kitty on top of her with a surprise around his neck. The lovely kitty named Tucker helped his human dad propose that day.cute cat ring bearer proposal Continue reading

It’s Impossible To View These 25 Seriously Cute Pictures Of Kittens Without Smiling

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