65 thoughts on “Be cute…

  1. Wow, this is just like my cats, Sable and Diamond. I love my two cats.
    Thanks for liking my Horsemaster post, and I hope to see more of your creativity!

  2. Am happy that this blog is about cats. I love cats. Cats are hated so much by many Africans. They are associated with witchcraft most times and their deaths are almost always cruel. I am comforted that there’s still a larger family of cat lovers around the world.

  3. Thanks for your recent comment on my blog! I love the pic on the front page and the funny cat pics are a hoot! I have concerns about whack-a-kitty and must suggest that it be removed or at least add a message DO NOT TRY THIS ANYWHERE. Very unhealthy for kitty’s.

    For your talking cats section, here is a card from my card CAT-A-LOG, MY CAT SPEAKS:



    CardTales By The Lioness

  4. Oh love this! I had an Abyssinian, Minnie Mama, and we talked to each other. I’d make her clicky bird sound at the window and she’d come running and jump on my shoulder! ps the clicky sound meant “bird!!!”

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