Kitty in a pot


35 thoughts on “Kitty in a pot

  1. Reminds me of a years ago story from my in-laws. When family came for the holidays they looked high and low to find the cat to show him off to company. He was nowhere to be found. At bedtime Mom opened a drawer to get her nightgown and the cat sprang out like jack-in-the-box and scared her to death. Of course she shrieked and everyone came running. The youngest son, maybe a preschooler at the time, chimed up, “Oh. I members now. I put him in there to take a nap.”
    Thanks for liking my post about Sundance. Did you happen to see any of my pics of “Cait-in-a-box”? Cait Sith cannot resist jumping/playing/napping in boxes of all sizes and shapes, and I cannot resist taking his picture when I catch him. I’m sure he’d do the same with a pot. I see another photo op in my future.

  2. That’s so cute! One of my cats..full grown, no longer a kitten, is ALWAYS getting into something. It doesn’t matter how how high up the cupboard or how deep the box, Sable is GOING to get into it.

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