Tattoed cats

Tattoed cats

Tattoed cats

Tattoed cats

Tattoed cats

Tattoed cats

Tattoed cats

Tattoed cats


31 thoughts on “Tattoed cats

  1. I shared this on my fb page and because I have tattoos my friends started calling me thinking I was considering this! Funny *no where* does is say on here anything about that…you simply present the pics. It must be a really hot button for some people, that it blinds them momentarily.

  2. I think that’s kinda mean, cause tattoos hurt and if you decide to do something that hurts to yourself, it’s ok, but to a kitty??? and anesthesia is always a bit dangerous anyway, i’d never do that!!

  3. How can this be ethical? Anesthetizing (a possibly life-threatening risk) and putting an animal through a painful procedure for a cosmetic result? Of course, we do all kinds of unethical things to animals. ((sigh))

  4. Hmmm, seems cruel to me although it looks like the one cat was anesthetized at least but still…ugh. And the ring in the ear? Also ugh. I think a normal cat would get that ripped out pretty quickly.

  5. This is the first time for me to see some tattooed cats. They look unique and funny 🙂 I wonder what these cats were thinking, do they like it or not?
    Thank you kitty for visiting my page. I appreciate it very much. You have a lot of nice things going on your page. I find it very interesting. I might be coming to visit often, if you wouldn’t mind… 🙂

  6. I’ve seen this before and didn’t agree with it then either. Tattoos should be for consenting adults who understand the pain and the risks. The cats won’t understand why or what is happening to them, they’ll just understand that it hurts. Seems very cruel for a fashion statement.

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  8. I have mixed feelings about this.. tattoos are cool, but knowing how it feels getting a tattoo, I think it’s kind’ve cruel to do on a cat. Thanks for sharing this though… I never knew people actually did this. Crazy!

  9. Geez, I had no idea people did this to their pets. I got one tattoo, liked it, but don’t want to go through the pain of another. Thanks for illustrating this issue. It may be OK in Russia, but not a good idea in the U.S.

  10. I both am indifferent and a bit argumentative towards tattooing animals. If they decided to get it done while a cat was already getting a procedure done, getting neutered or something of the sort, I don’t see the real issue. Our cat has numbers in his ear, so did all of our dogs. It’s pretty well the same thing. But if they were to go in just specifically to tattoo the animal…that leaves me a bit antsy.

  11. I’ve recently heard about this. There is this one cat that had a tattoo fail. His/her owner is a tattoo artist and tattooed “carpe deem”. It was supposed to be “carpe diem”. LOL

    Anyway, I wouldn’t tattoo my cat and I think tattoo cats are not necessary. I kinda have mixed emotions about this subject.

  12. @Candace Sphinx cats are kept indoors so less likely to rip out a piercing I guess, still, tattooing or piercing a cat rubs me up the wrong way, agree with @Sallytations issues with it being non-consensual. Sphinx cats are so ugly they’re beautiful, I don’t see why anyone would want to modify them.

  13. Oh… I’m a very live and let live type of clown, but I find this rather wrong, and cruel…
    Poor cats,
    The Clown

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