12 thoughts on “Keyboard cat

  1. No kitty, but I have a rather large dog that insists his den is the space under my desk where my legs are supposed to go. Several years ago, I had Husky’s that used to “talk” to me when I was on the computer… and ONLY on the computer. Guess they were jealous…

  2. I have two cats. One of them runs to the keyboard as soon as she notices me working on the computer. Otherwise she takes little notice of me. Except when I’m painting. I wonder if it is the intense concentration that attracts cats–they want to be in the center of your focus?

  3. I sure do! Luckily he doesn’t get to lay on my hands like that though. He gets to lay on the compartment shelf that the keyboard resets in. So he sleeps right beneath my monitor while I’m working. I love to have him close by when I’m writing. He’s a good “Break” from it all sometimes. lol

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