New Year’s resolutions


5 thoughts on “New Year’s resolutions

  1. Oh yeah, expectation and reality when it comes to resolutions don’t always work out.
    I can’t bear to put my 2 kitties on a diet, because they look me in the eye and beg and I feel like a Cruela De Ville if I don’t give them some Turkey that’s fit for humans.
    Anyhow, I spend a fortune on my cats, with the fancy crystal sand and fancy cat sand bags, and wet food 3 times a day, I’ve had to find other areas in my budget to cut down on.
    Last year I found a way to save $790 just by using a $10 prepaidTracfone phone & using a $20 Tracfone phone card/90 days service and 120 minutes. I’m still sticking with this plan this year to so I can save for a really nice holiday with my boyfriend in the Caribbean.

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