Peanut the Rescue Stray: Then & Now

Meet Peanut. She was found abandoned in the dangerous outdoors. The little calico was hungry, cold and dirty. Nate C. couldn’t bear seeing her be left alone and bring her into his home. He cleaned her up, fed her and gave her the TLC that she desperately needed.

Peanut getting her belly full the first time

cute rescue calico kittenAll clean and happy

cute rescue calico kitten

Getting playful

cute rescue calico kitten

Peanut all grown up. She loves bags and her forever home!

cute rescue calico cat all grown up

Photos by ©Nate Corador (flickr: natefoobar).


13 thoughts on “Peanut the Rescue Stray: Then & Now

  1. This needs a *LOVE THIS* button! I got my little calico, Chunker, when she weighed 6.5 ounces and had been left at the (ahem) “humane” society and had until 7pm…
    Now she’s a sweet little one-year-old that I adore.

  2. The third photo looks just like a human baby giggling!!! That photo belongs in a cat calendar at the very least! And Peanut looks so cute and smug in the last photo…satisfied with her new furrever home! Paw pats, Savannah

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