Alex Gaudino ft. Taboo “I Don’t Wanna Dance” – Work It Kitty

Get your kitty fit. Check out and get the full aerobic work out experience.

Get Your Kitty Active


The level of intensity and exercises shown on the WORK IT KITTY™ workout are performed by highly trained and motivated cats. Never rush your cat into such moves. Maximize your cats aerobic performance gradually by starting your felines with the basics first.

  1. Fill a ball with treats and roll it around.
  2. Hide treats around your house and watch your cat hunt them down.
  3. Throw a ball back and forth with your friend/spouse.
  4. Use a laser pointer – your cat will chase that bright red dot for hours.
  5. Randomly leave treats on  garden tables / low walls. Cats love to jump, and it’s a great way to maintain muscle tone. Alternate where treats are left to increase movement and hold interest levels.

Check with a veterinarian if you are unsure whether your cat can safely participate in these or any of the exercises shown.

Cat workout diagrams - Work It Kittysource:


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