13 thoughts on “Breeders Create The Warewolf Cat

  1. Well I know what I think…I love all cats and yet again breeders have decided they have struck upon something that will make them money….three cheers to breeders for just reiterating why most breeders are all about the money and not the animal….how many cats in shelters will die while they keep ‘making’ more….

  2. Yeah, cat is cute… but… do we really need another breed. There is so many cats in shelters… We only think about money… 😦 that’s sad :/

  3. Oh, yeah, just what all the cute kitties in shelters need … I can already see this new breed becoming FASHION for a year – and then end up in shelters and nobody will really want one. Breeding like that should be forbidden … the last thing we need is another cat breed – you cannot improve perfect. And cats are just purrfect without any new breed.

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