Stop Brutal Testing On Cats!

Stop brutal testing on cats!

Oregon State University (Update 28.02.2014: It’s NOT OSU. It is Colégio Lutheran Concòrdia – more info): Stop brutal testing on cats!

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For research purposes, universities from across the globe are willing to go to any lengths including savage / brutal / heartless animal testing. All with the hope of finding some sort scientific breakthrough that will make them money Well, this means that millions of animals will have died for nothing.

In our latest case, Oregon State University (Update 28.02.2014: It’s NOT OSU. It is Colégio Lutheran Concòrdia – more info) has begun a tax-funded experiment that includes removing kittens’ eyeballs, then forcing them to jump from a high platform onto a plank in a pan of water. Or just chopping the cat’s head off, as pictured above. Oregon State University (Update 28.02.2014: It’s NOT OSU. It is Colégio Lutheran Concòrdia – more info) has received a $95, 000 grant for these atrocities.

Please stop these savage experiments and let the animals live their life!

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Official statement from Oregon State University: 

February 28, 2014


I wanted to inform you that this post has some inaccuracies:

The details described in the post are not accurate. We also traced the photos, and they’re from an article on a university in Brazil (that’s why the signs in the background are in Portugese) where these events apparently took place.

Please remove the post or the references to Oregon State University. I can assure you that OSU follows very strict research guidelines and the scenes depicted and described in the article would never take place here.

OSU Oregon State UniversityI applaud your dedication to animal welfare, and I know for a fact that there are many of us here on campus share your concerns. I’d like to note that our Vet Med students and faculty volunteer in large numbers at human societies around the state. And this recent article is a better example of how OSU is engaged in caring for animal wellbeing:

Thanks for the consideration.


David Baker

Interactive Communications

Oregon State University


Gazette Times

Read Also: OSU: No, we don’t cut the heads off cats

43 thoughts on “Stop Brutal Testing On Cats!

      • Well Amanda all I can say is that Universities are using animals especially cats for horrific experiments. I have signed this petition and re-posted it on facebook. This is criminal and should be stopped not just by Universities but also chemical industries for testing. We would never do this to children, why do this to defenseless animals?! We have to many criminals in jail for free testing use them!

  1. Reblogged this on Petals Unfolding and commented:
    For the Love of God, I beg you, please sign this petition!
    Tears are pouring down my face. If you knew cats like I do,
    this picture will have you running to the bathroom. To sign is a bit
    tricky, but just hang in there until you find where to sign.
    My Heart to your Heart, please sign this. Amy

      • Definitely did. I have two furbabies and have loved cats since I was a child. I love puppies too and I see no real reason why we would even do this in this day and age. I dropped Biology in highschool because they wanted us to dissect cats. I don’t care how dead they might have been ahead of time, I’m sure most of them came from Euthanasia and I couldn’t do that. I have diagrams of the inside of cats. Someone has discovered this already. In highschool, I didn’t need to reinvent that wheel.

  2. Who was the grant from? It would have to be federally registered since they’re an accredited research institution. What is the grant number?

  3. WTF!! Come on ppl this has to stop, signed and re-posted. This bitch should be horse whipped, how many inmates do we have in jail that we could do testing on for free!! Animal abuse and cruelty is no longer acceptable, come on we wouldn’t let them do that to children, why should they be able to do that to animals that can’t defend themselves. I would love them to try that on me and see how far they would get!!

  4. As an OSU alum, I’d like to see some (or any) cites or information on the article. If there is merit to this, it is horrendous, but there are no name of the grants, research/tax program, etc. Nor is there explanation as to what the tests are called, what they are for, quotes from anyone backing up this info, etc. I find it extremely doubtful that any college would allow students to remove the eyeballs of living animals. There is also no proof that picture came from Oregon State, or any University for that matter (or that the cat wasn’t already dead and sent for research purposes). Would just like any info backing this claim against Oregon State. The only animals we dissected or experimented on while I was there were those already deceased of natural causes.

  5. I am curious about this simply because I signed, shared and posted to OSU wall on FB where today I got a response it was not true. NOW don’t misunderstand I believe it is, I have seen some brutal needless testing myself, but what is the source of this information?

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