12 thoughts on “Black Cats Really Do Have Bad Luck

  1. similar to the black dog syndrome.. as a dog I put up with cats they are not my favorite.. I would rather annoy them and chase them but they should still be loved

  2. It’s a sad but true statistic. Mind you, we went to a shelter to get two ginger boys and came away with two black beauties. Might have something to do with them climbing into my bag and making the decision for us 😀

  3. Today is our anniversary, 44th. but we had to look. We had two black cats and to us they were lucky. Their names, Murray and Purry. They lived to almost twenty years old. They never gave us a bad day and were affectionate. Now we have two white cats, Whitey and Jules. Jules is a Van cat and Whitey is uncategorized.

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  5. I have lived with two, one of whom lived with me through twelve homes, two divorces, and four different states. He died 15 years ago at the ripe old age of 19. I feel I am a very lucky woman, because I have been chosen by two black cats fo be a companion.

  6. My two black cats are very lucky for me. One is a therapy cat, and so far none of the people we’ve visited have even commented on her color; they are just glad she’s there.

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