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Cat: One For Me


The Expectations Versus Reality Of Getting A Cat

Expectation: Your cat is going to get internet famous and make you rich.

The Expectations Versus Reality Of Getting A Cat

The beautiful strange-eyed kitten

The beautiful strange-eyed kittenThe image of the strange-eyed kitten was taken in Lovech, Bulgaria in the summer of 2009 by Bobby Pfeiffer.  Continue reading

30 Cute Cats On Halloween

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Mother Cat Stops Traffic

Mother Cat Stops Traffic

Cop, who stopped New York traffic for a mother cat carrying her kitten across busy street – New York, July 1925. Continue reading

16 “Then And Now” Amazing Cats Photos

1. Then And Now Cats: With A Teddy Bear cats - then and now - with a teddy bear - 1

And say hi to my cat Salvador (he is in the last picture). 

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