One for me


Cat: One For Me


14 Famous Internet Cats Who Should Never Retire

1. Maru



Nobody rocks a box like Maru. How will future cats ever know their full potential without his guiding light? Continue reading

The Expectations Versus Reality Of Getting A Cat

Expectation: Your cat is going to get internet famous and make you rich.

The Expectations Versus Reality Of Getting A Cat

15 Cats Who Failed Miserably at Their New Year’s Resolutions – FAIL

new years resolution catsYou can stop beating yourself up about that resolution to get in shape by February first. We all knew it was never going to happen. Just like their human owners, cats are also terrible at keeping their new year’s resolutions. Continue reading

15 Signs You Broke Your Cat

1. Catnip? I can’t even

15 Signs You Broke Your Cat