Rescued Cats: Before and After (13 amazing photos)

before and after cats
CYPISEK (read his story: Click here)

Foundation Głosem Zwierząt (Voice of Animals) is probably one of the best foundation in Poland. They help cats (and dogs) everyday. It is a non-profit organization whose mission is to improve the lives of feral, stray, and free-roaming cats. Support them. Help cats. Make donation.

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Putin And Kim Jong-Un Become Cat Scratching Posts

Putin And Kim Jong-Un Become Cat Scratching Posts

Russia’s president Vladimir Putin and North Korea’s supreme leader Kim Jong-Un come to life in these neat miniature hand-crafted figurines that — thanks to their hessian rope torsos — double as cat toysContinue reading

Stop Brutal Testing On Cats!

Stop brutal testing on cats!

Oregon State University (Update 28.02.2014: It’s NOT OSU. It is Colégio Lutheran Concòrdia – more info): Stop brutal testing on cats!

Take Action NOW and Sign the Petition:

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The beautiful strange-eyed kitten

The beautiful strange-eyed kittenThe image of the strange-eyed kitten was taken in Lovech, Bulgaria in the summer of 2009 by Bobby Pfeiffer.  Continue reading

Mother Cat Stops Traffic

Mother Cat Stops Traffic

Cop, who stopped New York traffic for a mother cat carrying her kitten across busy street – New York, July 1925. Continue reading